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Northcape is the ongoing work of a mainly self-taught British artist who has felt compelled to produce music ever since he got his first cheap Casio keyboard, and has been releasing music on the internet since 2003. Inspired by nature and science as well as personal experience, the music is an attempt to capture and translate moments, environments, landscapes and memory that would be difficult to express in any other way. Northcape is not concerned about genre, but the music sits within the broad range encompassed by melodic electronica, IDM and ambient. The artist tries to avoid over-complexity and focussing too much on the technology and techniques used. The result is a distinctively personal-sounding form of downtempo electronic music that draws elements from various genres and combines ambience and depth with a strong sense of melody, and, despite its melancholic moments, a fundamental optimism.

Several previous albums, notably “Detach” were self-released online, with a steadily growing number of fans. Following a well-received EP “Some Bright Valley” released through long-running and respected netlabel monotonik (sadly, now on hiatus), the critically-acclaimed 2010 album “Captured From Static” was released on US independent label Sun Sea Sky Productions. This album was the culmination of an extended period of work widening and deepening the Northcape sound. The more ambient “Alluvial” EP followed on the elpamusic netlabel.

The latest album “Exploration and Ascent“, also on Sun Sea Sky, is a clear progression from “Captured From Static”, retaining Northcape’s characteristic downtempo melodic sensibility while including something of the more textured ambience showcased on 2011’s “Alluvial” EP. “Exploration and Ascent” is inspired by Himalayan exploration, and in particular by Bill Tilman and Eric Shipton’s 1934 search for a way into the Nanda Devi Sanctuary, and the remarkably vividly written record by Eric Shipton of the expedition. A remix album of the release included a number of the artist’s own favourite independent electronic producers.

Northcape’s new “Glasshouse” EP for the same label has, in places, a similarly expansive feel, but also takes more local and small-scale influences from the varied shapes and organic and genetic diversity in a tropical greenhouse near the artist’s home. It comprises six tracks of deliberately uncomplicated downtempo electronica with an analogue-inspired melodic sound. The focus is on detailed, atmospheric leads, deep underlying bass, and gently textured distortion.

Northcape has gained a dedicated following online, including over 300,000 plays on last.fm, and inclusion on a large number of podcasts. There has also been airplay on a range of internet and broadcast radio stations, including National Public Radio (NPR) in the USA, BBC national (BBC Radio 6) and local radio (BBC Coventry and Warwickshire), London’s Resonance FM, US college radio, Dandelion Radio, and extensive airplay on the widely-available, US-based Soma.fm and Echoes radio stations. Northcape has been interviewed by Computer Music Magazine, as part of an article on lo-fi electronica, and more recently by Echoes in the US. Northcape has also been involved in a number of compilation albums and remix projects, most recently on the “You Ware Nowhere” compilation (including Arovane and BVdub among others) for Italian post-electronica group port-royal. This was Northcape’s second appearance on the n5MD label, the first being a remix for Dalot on the EP “Ancestors”


Northcape can be contacted here with any enquires regarding music licencing, labels, comments or feedback.

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