Reviews of ‘Alluvial EP’

Arghh, it is simply filled in with beauty. Indeed, it is highly intricate by its concept and ouput. It starts out as a buffer zone between soothing electronic pop and IDM-esque shadows, which soon will be evolving into another zone, getting running on dream-alike soundscapes and electronic-drenched shoegaze music similar to Bing Satellites, Northern Picture Library or M83 having its run on restraint mode. The EP consisting of 4 tracks and issued on the Latvian label Elpa can be considered a classical one. First of all, it is recommended for all those old indie guys and gals having acquired their favorite music experiences during the 80s and 90s, and for those people as well who just used to love beautiful music on its own.
Recent Music Heroes (9.2/10)

A stunning new EP from Northcape, inspired by “geology, human prehistory and the idea of ‘deep time’- how incredibly long it has taken the planet to evolve”. Landscapes and geology are common idealism’s within ambient music, but it’s the evolving and patient progression of each of these tracks which stand out for me, reflecting that slow, evolving soundscape. Deep chords, glistening textures and simple, emotive melodies. Fans of Helios, Dextro, Horizon Fire and the slower moments of Schnauss will thoroughly enjoy this EP.
A Strangely Isolated Place

(Translated from the Italian)Not new to the environment of netlabels, Northcape , an English self-taught artist from Warwickshire returns with this intense and fluid “Alluvial EP” released by the Latvian Elpa netlabel. An EP inspired by the geology and human prehistory, from the hard-to-imagine slowness that our planet has taken to evolve. We are in ambient areas, where long arrangements of keyboards are lost in the infinite space chasing northern air currents. Northcape is able to convey the idea of ​​a pre-civilisation, floating world with overlaps between reflections and hypnotic arpeggios (Water Over Flint) in which the few elements that might lead us back to our era are chaotic rhythmic electronic beats. “Doorways Facing East” is a small example in which the environment can also contain elements of tension, a quiet awakening disturbed, a bitter realization that the way done so far has been tremendous and indelibly erased by environmental events. Well represented by the cover photo, “Alluvial EP” is flowing water, clear source of emotions and feelings that can transmit Northcape with simplicity and honesty.
Netmusic Life