Reviews of ‘Captured From Static’

There is a beautiful honesty and a subtle sophistication about Northcape’s music that is refreshing and engaging. From the opening bars of the opening track ‘Doesn’t Feel Like a Long Way’ a sense of gentle and slowly building suspense develops as beautifully tailored synth sounds lift you up and carry you off. A crisp snare kicks in and you are transported. This is music deftly and cleverly executed with a clear understanding of the emotional power of light and shade, of melody and rhythmic nuances. And so it continues on, track after track, because this is an album where each and every track is a gem.This is an album of considerable beauty, an album that enchants and invites the listener to visit spaces of memory and imagination.
Redefine Magazine (Greg Healey)

… lulls and incapacitates with such efficacy that you stop caring that the breeze is minimal and the mercury is eternally rising. And it’s not just that every track does this either, because surely eventually you’d want a sliver of ice to offset the aural sunstroke; it’s that it does this with electronic beats and melodies that could easily transform by the time autumn leaves hit the ground later this year. Suddenly something that once sounded like an embrace of the sticky hot surroundings of summer could easily be heard as the crackling of sunset-colored vegetation rustling underneath footsteps, or a few months later, the frigid ponds slowly turning into snow-covered fields of ice. To resonate with various modes of nature through the electronic medium is not just a unique treat for the ears- Northcape proves that it can down right slow the pulse and let us take in the beauty around us, even if it’s by way of man-made melody machines. [record of the week July 27th, 2010]

… an expensive blue cocktail of music, a little exotic in spots, perfectly mixed and served cool, infused with a flavor that makes you just have to say “Nice” every now and again. Alastair Brown builds his tunes with the deft touch of a good bartender (to keep the metaphor-ahem-flowing), adding the right elements at the right times to constantly improve a piece as it moves forward. The electronic edges here are softly rounded and sensuous. It feels at times like the sounds here have been carefully muted or sanded down for a better sense of calm. It all goes along with ease. And if the opening track, “Doesn’t Feel Like A Long Way” isn’t an immediate enough hook into Northcape’s sound for you (and it should be), then by the time you reach the elegant, eloquent and downright sexy beat-and-flow of “Grove Park,” the deal should pretty much be sealed. … There’s a lot to like on Captured… and there’s enough differentiation, track-to-track, to avoid the feeling of repetition that can plague this style.

Lush, chilled-out melodic landscapes that occupy similar territory to the likes of Ulrich Schnauss…the comparative simplicity proves to be one of Northcape’s biggest strengths, making “Captured From Static” something of a slowburning treat for fans of chilled melodic electronics.
Cyclic Defrost (Chris Downton)

Captured from stillness as much as from the noisily indeterminate screen of memory, the music flows with trip-hop beats and lounge-like melodies that become blurred in open ambient electronics.
The Silent Ballet (David Murietta)

Northcape is Brighton (UK) electronic musician Alastair Brown. Brown’s previous works as Northcape were released via the monotonik netlabel (Tim Koch, Proem, among others). His latest album “Captured From Static” is his first full length album for Sun Sea Sky. Northcape’s sound is very much rooted in the type of melodic electronica that would fit in very nicely on the Toytronic imprint. With this said there are echoes of Toytronic totem Gimmik as well as IDM forerunners Reload (Global Communications). There are also some sun-kissed Boards Of Canada style moments strewn throughout . We even get some undercurrents that suggest that Brown may fancy a bit of classic New Order from time to time especially evident in the album’s opener (‘Doesn’t Feel Like a Long Way’). “Captured From Static” is an uncomplicated and well crafted slice of retro electronica.

Electronic pop music the way it should be: this new album by UK’s Northcape is full of pretty melodies and delicate beats, and is exactly the kind of stuff that you would want to play to somebody who has no idea of electronica.
Ad Noiseam

If blissed out electronic gubbins is your thing then “Captured From Static” is a record you can’t really afford to miss. Lovely.
Burning World

“Instant Electronic Classic”

Sublime electronica. A genre-crossing piece of work that suggests we have a new star of the electronic world. Without limiting its worth to comparisons with others, this album is easily on a par with Schnauss’ debut (‘Faraway Trains…’). Yes, it’s that good.
monrobot (emusic review)


“You cant honestly say you’re an electronica fan until you have this album in your collection. I’m listening to it right now , and it’s genius. A masterfully crafted album , full of mesmerising synth washes and the kind of melodies that shout out ” less is more “. Restrained , minimal , taking you away to that place in your mind where you havent a care in the world. Northcape can do more with 3 notes than most electronica artists could do with 50 !!
“Clear Moment ” and “Static Theme ” are masterpieces. Ridiculously addictive and entertaining.”

2nd Mouse