Reviews of “Glasshouse”

In all it seems Glasshouse is just that, a place where you’ll need to move about carefully to let the sound waves travel unfettered and undisturbed. Leaving a ray of light to shine in and disperse in all manner of color, this audio architect reveals a calmed emotive sound-escape that is serene, polished and quite nostalgic.
Igloo Magazine

an abstract yet unfussy sound form that’s warm, evocative, and melodic and whose downtempo ambient-electronic presentation conveys feelings of melancholy and optimism in equal measure.

Something about Northcapes’s new EP attracted me to it before hearing it and sometimes you just know that everything is about to just fit into place. I saw the album cover and title for the new EP some months back and was astonished by the sheer beauty of it…The cross over of ambience and IDM that he brings under Northcape is surprisingly original and individual… I have had the privilege to listen to some great music so far this year, and Glasshouse is up there with some of the best
Echoes and Dust (Mark Wardale)

From the first bell like tones of “Capillary Action”, the opening track here, this EP just knocked me over and wowed me. Here we have thoughtful, intelligent, sophisticated electronic music. You could call it ambient except its also full of exquisite (and complimentary) beats. This EP, I think, is a work of art…Its that nostalgic vibe, memories of happy, hot summers long ago when there wasn’t a thing in the world to worry about. “Glasshouse” takes you to that place…Overall this EP is a MUST LISTEN. You need it in your life. If you like synths, ambient music, good songs, Boards of Canada or related things I don’t think you can fail to be impressed by it. Northcape is revealed as a composer with the ability to communicate feeling and create moods. It will certainly lead me to put him in my “artists to watch” list and seek out more of his catalogue. 11/10.”
Geeky Disco

“Glasshouse” by Northcape is a remarkable EP, one where Alastair Brown comes into his own as an electronic musician of note. Whilst his previous output may have brought comparison to the earlier work of Boards of Canada, “Glasshouse” stands alone as a uniquely Northcape body-of-work. It is a robust offering for anyone with a love of warm, unhurried, melodic and memorable electronica… Already a highlight of 2014″

“Art” is a word variously defined, and sometimes only hesitantly. One definition that has always rung true with me is that of translation and interpretation. How does one take a concept from one medium and bring it to life in another? What do the veins in a leaf sound like? What color is a hot summer day?
Northcape’s Alastair Brown could probably tell you. Listening to Alluvial, his previous EP, is like taking a hike along a cold stream well above the tree line. Indeed his last several releases paint increasingly detailed spaces using only instrumentation and a pair of headphones. The easy solution to that challenge of art – for a musician, anyway – would be to lean heavily on electronica’s standard iconography of samples and sound effects; what easier way to place someone in a natural setting than with birdsong, flowing water, or leaves rustling? There is very little if any of this to be found here, and looking at the perfectly aligned cover artwork almost feels like cheating. In this, his most ambitious, evocative, and clearly-phrased release yet, the listener is invited to feel the energy of photosynthesis; the urgency of a seedling pushing through an immense weight of soil above; the retinal burn of bright sunlight through moving branches. Exquisite.

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