Reviews of ‘Some Bright Valley’

Another treat for those who enjoyed the lush, delicate atmospheres of the last features: the Some Bright Valley ep by UK artist Northcape, put out by the monotonik netlabel. Like a pleasant summer’s walk through nature, a variety of sensations float through the air, stimulating your senses and relaxing your mind. a bed of long pad and string notes mixed with subtle environmental sounds is accented by almost organic-sounding synth leads, and held together by smooth basses and steady grooves. the short playing time is cause for repeated listening; drifting away on the sound, into a world of light filtered through leaves, gentle rain, and deep reflective pools. The warmth of summer is not yet completely gone, and Northcape helps it to hold on a little longer…
Hiddenplace music blog (05 Sept 08)

Northcape had already the right to a feature in our blog with his album “Detach”. His latest work is this one ” Some Bright Valley EP”, and it was released by the already classic netlabel, Monotonik. With a springtime title, this Ep is very fresh, a fusion of sonorities from IDM Downtempo, trip-hop and Chill Out, very relaxing yet transporting sounds, that takes us through quiet forests and green fields, whispering pleasant and addictive melodies into our ears.
Braindance music blog (with thanks to Metricks for translating from the Portuguese)